Gravit Designer discussion

2d animation software

please suggest me any 2d animation software for Linux that supports files of gravit designer.
and i request to make 2d animation/motion graphics software which will simple ,beautiful and powerful as gravit designer

Nothng will accept .gvdesign files directly except Gravit Designer (and Klex).

If you are willing to write code (CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc), there are several great SVG animation libraries.

For simple web animation without coding, have a look at some of the online options - I like the look of SVGator - uses SVG files (limited testing, but it works fine with some simple SVGs I tried from Gravit Designer). This is probably your best choice for simplicity.

For a more fully-featured offline tool, Google Web Designer has support for PNG and SVG import (not tested).

For character animation (people, animals, anthropomorphised objects), consider Synfig (accepts both SVG and PNG elements - PNGs work fine, haven’t tested it yet with SVG output from Gravit Designer).
Not as polished as something like Moho Pro nor as easy to use as Gravit Designer, but there is (in my opinion) no decent public Linux tool for 2D character animation (Blender might be getting there slowly, TupiTube still has a long way to go). OpenToonz might be an alternative to Synfig, still haven’t tried it yet.

For advanced motion graphics, have a look at Blackmagic Design Fusion - (accepts both SVG and PNG elements - haven’t tested it yet with any Gravit Designer output). Not as simple as Gravit Designer, but it has lots of high-end professional features.

Would love to see more good alternatives to Keyshape and Motion 5 - they might just convince me to get a Mac Mini for my next computer.

On Windows, offline, the best choice for non-coding web animation seems to be Saola Animate.
Also, Aphalina Animator (currently in beta) looks promising.


Another good Vector animation software is Animatron.

Check out Krita. It’s an open source sketching and illustration software, available on Linux, geared more towards pixel art instead of vector art, but it also has some vector capabilities, and it has 2D animation capabilities.

For 3d motion graphics on linux, Blender is your best bet. It’s a full fledged 3d animation suite. You could exports SVGs from Gravit and start to animated them in Blender, for example.

Blender can be used for both 2d and 3d animation. In addition it has a video editor, physics engine, game engine, and many other goodies in it.

Also I’m surprised no one mentioned Adobe Edge Animate v1.5 which is the only free release of Adobe’s Edge Animate software which is still available for download on many resources.

Hi everyone. Thank you for this super great list of tools to do 2D animation. Very handy.
I would also like to share a couple of tools that I found on my own researchs on the internet.

SpiritApp ( never used it) is a paid SVG animation tool. For now they only have a Mac version but it seems that they are also planning a Windows version soon. Looks promising!

WickEditor ( Free and Open Source) seems to be (never used it as well) able to export animations to HTML5, GIF and MP4. Seems really promising project.