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Abort controller not defined


I want to download a file from the cloud with the latest standalone version on windows 10


Kind regards

Hi @ReneSmit ,

please get in touch with us using this form:

the forum is soooo much easier! I hate that form!

If that is the policy, please close the forum, it has no sense to keep it open

And a big part of the fun of Gravit is/was the community feel and the easy way to contact to the staff (Claudia/Christian) what is gone now

i dont know why the last phrase is in bigger letters ? :slight_smile:

CC @christian.krammer

Hi @ReneSmit,

I think the main objective of the forum is to be a place for the users to exchange ideas, tutorials, features, comments, etc. While the form will get you to the right place where you can get technical support, through the use of a ticket system and CRM - by someone from the staff.

I’m sorry you feel this way about the support form but it is a “necessary evil”.

About closing the forum, I’ll forward your suggestion to Christian. I’m afraid both he and Claudia are quite busy with other roles/tasks but they are still around here (and he will probably answer this thread as you have marked him).

Also, this post is pinned with the best practices of how opening a new support ticket: Please contact our support team!

Thanks for the answer.

Nothing to do with you but we/I miss Claudia and Christian :slight_smile:


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Daniel summarized it pretty nicely. Both Claudia and me transitioned into other roles over time and – while I would still love to do it – there’s just no time anymore to give personal support on the forum.

Furthermore, to make life for support, and for gathering feedback, easier, we need to channel all incoming user enquiries in one channel, which is the support form. It’s just not maintainable otherwise.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Thank you for your reaction.

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