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Hi, i can’t access my project even though it has been properly saved - at least while saving I haven’t received any negative info. This is what happens when I try to re-open my project - the screen freezes:

please help me as I neeed to accces this project today.

If you can export it in an editable format that would be also fine with me.



– edit: I’m not the original poster, I just restored that post, it will be restored to Michael when he logs in back

I’m having the same issue when opening svgs that contain groups. I was able to open the file after eliminating the groups from the svg using a text editor like caret or sublime.

Not an ideal solution, but the file opens.

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Hi! I’m Using Gravit designer on Windows 10 (not portable), and it’s soooo slow, it takes long minutes to just copy and past a layer or a page. I’ve just re-install the program and It’s still the same. Sometimes, when I move a page, it just disapears… Do you know where it comes from ?
It’s like that since a few days, and I’ve done nothing special on my computer.

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I’m having the same problem … how to convert svg file to ungroup in another editor?

Or even convert to SVG?

It is software algorithm issue. See my new topic.


What is happening to my line? It happens about 2 inches from the bottom of my page and in another location next to a margin I have set (1 cm)

I’m using windows 10 and chrome