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When you say “Affinity” do you mean Gravit? Is Gravit getting gobbled up by Affinity?

– edit: Sorry we had a bug, I’ll reassign this message to the original poster when he claims it.

Alex meant any feature requests, Affinity is not related to Gravit, but the features are similar

Ability to select Path segment
1. Modify length between left point and right of the selected Path Segment
2. Rotate Segment based on left point or right point

Useful when Precise length and angle are needed.

I am a Linux user, about 9 years. I use Blender 3D, Inkscape, GIMP, Krita. Suddenly I discovered Gravit Designer. UI of Gravit is really amazing. I really like it, But I really need some features available on Gravit.

  1. A better Align and Distribute options like in Inkscape. (Maybe you can copy it, because Inkscape is free and open-source)
  2. A better Create and Edit meshes option like in Inkscape.
  3. Draw brushes like in Adobe illustrator.
  4. Shape Blend tool like in Adobe illustrator.
  5. You have 4 mathematical operation on shapes: Union, Difference, Intersection, Subtract. Please, add Division and Cut path like in Inkscape.
  6. Please, add a GPU support for faster operations like in Adobe illustrator(Please, for all OS)
  7. You may add some Path tools like in Inkscape, but more better way.
  8. Please, add a space for Plugin developers :wink:
    I know that all 2D users will move to Gravit Designer, if you will add these features.

A slogan by me: “Gravit(y) for Creative Artists”
Thanks a lot for sharing a wonderful world with Linux :slight_smile:
Btw, please write me if you will have any questions.


Hello there, Gravit Designer;
the issued suggestions is about creating drawings consisting of organizing and merged tracking of Paths;

  • Mouse Wheel:: used for Zooming by default; instead of _Ctrl+Mouse Whee_l;

  • Pen:: with a Path Selected at Layers Panel, clicking out of the path continues the current work; instead of starting a new path;

  • Paths:: End and Joints are Round by default; also |Asymmetric by default;

  • Subselect:: clicking in the middle of a Path is used for selection and manipulation; instead of creating a new Node; (using the Pen)

They can"t copy code from Inkscape: Inkscape is built with C++, while Gravit Designer is made with web technologies; HTML, CSS, JS.

they can transcript it as c++ and javascript are extremely similar with their syntax.

the syntax is maybe the same, but it’s not only the syntax which is important in developing things, it’s also the APIs and such; how the program communicates with the machine to make it display things and get interaction from the user. And web (JS) APIs used by Gravit are NOT the same as C++ APIs used by Inkscape.