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Another grid question - how to stretch to create perspective

Hello there
I need to create a grid which I can resize - I know this is probably really simple but I just cannot get my head around it! I’m trying to do something like the attached image, but I need to be able to manipulate it to fit on top of various objects which have perspective.

Edit: I need to begin with a grid of regular squares and then ‘stretch’ it to fit the objects.

Hi Kate

If it were me trying to create this, I would probably adopt the following procedure…

  1. Draw all the lines as separate paths
  2. Select all the lines (Shift A)
  3. Right-click and select ‘Vectorize Border’
  4. Select ‘Modify / Create Compound Shape / Union’
  5. Select ‘Modify / Convert to path’

Now you have a single compound path with all the lines that you can resize or stretch to fit the objects you want

Hope this helps

Thanks very much for replying @techiekev. That works in terms of making the paths join, but it seems to have created multiple anchors at each intersection, and doesn’t seem to behave like a single object - ie. you can’t grave the corner anchor and ‘stretch’ the whole thing. I may be being obtuse…?!grid test

Sorry - I tried to upload .sgv file but doesn’t look like it worked. Here’s a screen shot - I highlighted the top right anchor and moved it out and up. You can see summat weird is going on because of the multiple anchors on each intersection…

Have you tried to use the pointer to grab the corner to resize it all or the top or side edges to stretch it, rather than using the subselect tool?

I draw it quickly, replied to you then didn’t save it. I know I use the pointer and managed to resize it in all directions

Hmmm, now I see the problem. I read your original post and not the edit, I thought you wanted to start with a drawn perspective grid like you showed and to resize that

To start with a square grid I think you would need an envelope distortion which Gravit does not currently have. Even that may not create quite what you are looking for

Ah I see - so you weren’t able to create a rhombus with yours? Ach, thanks so much for trying anyway. The annoying thing is - I think I have achieved this before and can’t remember how I did it… will come back and update if I remember!

There is the transform option with transform X, & Y and alter the angle. But its not easy to get the results you want

If I need to do this I usually export it and go into another product, do the distortion and bring it back into Gravit, not ideal at all but sometimes you just have to get something done

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I guess the best way is to draw over a reference. Unfortunately, I can’t think in a faster way to get the same result.

At first, I thought that you could use blender to create the “blueprint” and then printscreen and import to Gravit for a vectorize bitmap, but I’m afraid it would generate too many points.

So, I guess you should use the pen tool and use ctrl+d (duplicate) a lot, and adjust the lines position manually.

Yet another need for a envelope/distort tool! That would make this software so great!

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If you have any comments,

It looks like something like this would work in Illustrator in which the align>distribute function can be applied to anchor points, not just objects as with Gravit.

In case you want to add someting here: - for new features.