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Anyone else tried using version 2022.i2 On Android?

I’m having an issue with the new version (web or PWA) on my Samsung Galaxy tablet running Android 12

I am unable to copy anything using either ‘Edit > Copy’ or using the copy icon on the floating touch panel

This has always worked fine before the latest update (& an upgrade to Android 12). Can anyone else see if they can reproduce this on Android? Support says it’s working fine but it’s not


Hi @techiekev,

I don’t have an android device so I don’t know if you can access the website configurations and give it permission to access the clipboard.


Hi Daniel

On Android, if a site is trying to access text or images from the system clipboard then Chrome will popup a request to allow or deny this permission. But this is just trying to copy and the paste within Gravits own window (web or PWA) just like within any web page. You can use copy on any webpage without needing any special permissions

This had always worked in the previous version. The only changes on my tablet are the recent Gravit upgrade and an upgrade to Android 12. Nothing else seems effected since the Android 12 upgrade

Not being able to do something as basic as copy or paste is a major problem trying to do very much at all in gravit

Someone in support or development must have an Android tablet, you state it is supported on Android and in fact specifically mentioned a Samsung Galaxy tablet on the web site

I actually have a list of other issues to report when trying to use on an Android tablet but what’s the point if you don’t even have access to one

@techiekev I don’t have to own an android device. This is QA’s team & Dev team’s task (to test, reproduce…), mine is just to report (which I already did). :slight_smile:

I was just trying to blindly suggest a workaround and figure out if it was related to permission.

Again, I’m no developer but I guess it was a coincidence (maybe something was changed on browsers or android12 upgrade) as the new release did not involve anything related to clipboard. Maybe… shortcuts. But it works on windows and mac, and probably Linux, so… my bet is on Android OS.

Would you please try it on LTS? I’ll reply a PM with the link.

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