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Anyone using a graphics drawing tablet?

Is anyone using a graphics drawing tablet with Gravit? I’m considering the purchase of a mid-size one

I already use Gravit on my Samsung galaxy tablet, but there are quite a few issues with it on Android

I have a large standard drawing tablet without a screen but have for some years been looking in envy at the tablets with the live screen to draw on. My thinking is that as it would run as a second screen on my laptop I would be using a version of GD I’m already very comfortable with

I would welcome any thoughts, suggestions or recommendations. I’m currently looking at the ’ HUION Kamvas 13 Graphics Drawing Tablet Screen 13.3 Inch Monitor with 1920 x 1080 Full HD Display’ and at under £200 seems pretty good value

Thanks, Kevin

@techiekev Officially, Gravit Designer doesn’t support graphic tablets but if it works as a mouse (ignoring the pressure) anyone should work.

Thanks, @Scofano that was my thinking too, especially as I already use Gravit on my Samsung Galaxy tablet with an S-Pen which works just like a mouse. I just wanted a bigger graphics tablet and to be using a better version of Gravit where I know the bugs and some of the workarounds

The Android version I’m using (which I believe is supported) has a lot of bugs/issues. Do you want these reported as usual because there is no option to even select Android as an OS on the bug reporting form

The pressure sensitivity is more for use on other apps like PS, Affinity, Lightroom etc unless Gravit eventually decides to support pressure

I shall have to wait and see how it works which now won’t be until Christmas as it’s likely going to be wrapped up!

I guess it will be supported (pen pressure) when brushes and variable-width strokes are available. Otherwise, there is no other feature that could make use of tablet sensitivity.

Personal opinion about tablets (not related to Gravit): I’m a happy owner of an ipad9 (I wish I could afford a PRO but it is too expensive). So, talking about tablets with screens, if you have an apple store nearby, go check it out and try it.

A Cintiq (never used one) is just a Cintiq(and it is very expensive), while an Ipad is “a Cintiq and much more”. You can also use astropad app to stream the computer screen so it becomes a Cintiq. And there’s also duet.

I’m not sure if android tablets (pen) have apple’s quality so far.

I agree that is when and how pressure sensativity would be of use and I hope that comes eventually to Gravit

I have a long history with Apple in the corporate world and i’m not a fan, i’m a PC guy and always will be. I’m glad your happy with your iPad but the pricing and many other things mean it’s not for me

I have been a Wacom user in the past, they are of very high quality (or they were) but they are in my opinion very over priced. The reason I have been using Gravit on a Galaxy tablet is because Gravit’s own web site says the touch interface works with Android and specifically mentioned Samsung Galaxy tablets (which I already owned). I do however have quite a few issues with the Android version that I would like to get reported

I hope you will be surprised by the quality of some Android tablets if you get to use one

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I bought a drawing tablet with a screen (Huion Kamva 15) for illustration and it honestly works so poorly with Gravit. It was actually very frustrating and one of the main reasons I ended up just dropping Gravit and biting the Adobe subscription bullet.

Navigation became a chore, and Gravit doesn’t have the features to take advantage of pressure sensitivity.

I like Gravit for what it is, but it has a long way to go to be a true replacement for Illustrator. So if you need a tablet, I’d look for a different software. If you don’t need a tablet, save your money and Gravit can be great!

@ArchElmo thanks for your thoughts. Whilst I will be using it with Gravit, I will also be using it a lot with Affinity, Lightroom & Photoshop which all support the pressure sensitivity. I’m also getting the mini keyboard with the dial control which should aid a lot in navigation

I agree Gravit has a way to go, but I’m fortunate to have access to other software that can handle other features when needed

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As I asked the original question about drawing tablets I thought I should give an update now I have purchased one and used it a bit. Hopefully this might help others who are considering going down this route in the future

Firstly Gravit works just fine with it as the pen works like a mouse

Having used some basic tablets in the past I knew one of the annoying things was dealing with navigation using the tablet and also having to keep moving back to the keyboard to use shortcut keys etc. The tablet I have has 6 shortcut keys (plus zoom buttons) but I knew I waned more so that I could customise it so all the main features I use were quickly available. So I also bought the mini keypad with a dial as well which gave me 18 more programmable keys

This illustration might help, it shows how I have all the shortcut buttons setup for Gravit

With my left hand I can zoom, scroll, nudge, pan, select tools, paste styles, step forward or back and do a number of other things without moving the pen from the tablet

The beauty for me is that all the keys are programmable for any app, so when I switch to Photoshop they do very different functions

This already seems to be helping to improve my workflow, if it works out in the long run I already have my eye on a 24 inch graphics tablet!

I hope this might help in some way if anyone else is considering adding a graphic tablet to their workflow process

Cheers, Kevin


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