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App crashes on a Mac

Ok, thank you but this crash is weird. Perhaps it is my system but can’t figure it out was the reason is.

Yes very strange. Maybe call for “restore Standart fonts” with macOS
And look up for any crash logs regarding GravitDesigner - not sure if there´s a difference in the output with dev-console.


Not using the system fonts isn’t very useful for me. Anyhow, it is a great tool. Here is a Screen of my Logfile. Will try it on another mac

By restoring i will lose all the other additionally installed fonts?

Ok - that might not be an option - but just for the records: it will store all your manually installed fonts into a separate folder called “Removed” - you can add them later if you wish - which might be a pain when you have a lot of them.
Did you ever got and ignore a yellow warning sign during new fonts installation process for instance?
Did you check where your fonts are compared to the list I linked from Apple´s support site?
Were you able to use “System Fonts” with GravitDesigner at any time in the past?

Yes, for some fonts i saw a little warning symbol but i ignored this :slight_smile:

Yes, all the fonts are in the right place.

I use GravitDesigner just a few days :slight_smile:

This is frustrating. I´d collect a bug report next time GD crashes; when the Bug reporter pops up find the generated text and copy&paste it into a TextEdit file and make it available to the dev-team by adding a link to this thread.
As I´m not able to provoke this crash I can´t help any further.

I´d check at least why macOS is grumbling. I never ignore those warnings about wrong tables, doubles etc.


Thank you for your help.

Where can i find the bug reporter and the generated text? I get nothin if the app chrashes only the screen is lightgrey.

BTW: This problem seems not to be new:

This is about Linux if I read correctly.
I´ve been through my logs and found no entry at the CrashReporter too - but an extra folder named “gravit”. Seems there got a lot of unnecessary stuff collected. Maybe it´s how the app is developed and it doesn´t write proper bug reports - I can´t tell - but normally a crashing bug should open the crashReporter from where you send the infos to Apple. From there I got normally the text for the developer.

Ok, i will see if there is a chrash reporter. I already posted the log file. I hope the bug will be solved :slight_smile:

Yes, the thread mentioned above is about the Linux version. We had a few reports about the white screen, but weren’t able to replicate it here so far. Maybe it’s the relatively old hardware of your computer?


i could identify the problem but no solution. :frowning:
Like @EllenM said, i reseted my fonts (i made a backup of all my fonts). After a reset to only the standard fonts Gravit is working. After that i installed the user fonts (located in ~/Library/Fonts/) ) from my backup and now the app chrashes again. :frowning: I don’t installed fonts where a got a warning but no luck.


Gravit is working now :slight_smile: I had 1 font in my user fonts which brings the app to crash. (figured it out with trial and error). Now i removed this font and the crash is gone. :tada:

Jay! Good news.:smile: Any warnings from
Have fun.


Interesting. Thanks for letting us know.

Yes, i got some warnings during re-importing the fonts from the backup-folder but for now i ignored the warnings. The message in the says i should carefully use the fonts.

I`d skip such fonts - most likely these are cheap developed clones and take the warnings seriously - they are not there for amusement. :grin: :wink:

OK, thank you for clarifying the things.

And hey @EllenM and developers. It is one of the known issues. It is not Gravit’s problem. It is macOS Sierra and High Sierra bug and FontBook’s problem due to old caches which cause any Electron-built app to crash or not to recognise the fonts.

I link you to my comment at the issue the which I solved:

Hey @GustavoReis, thanks for sharing this information with us.

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