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App does not start on Linux with Geforce Graphics?

i just bought a new computer - lenovo legion 7 with nvidia rtx graphics, amd cpu. installed fedora 35 and set up things as usual.
unfortunately, the appimage from gravit designer does not start. Is this probably related to the GPU? do you have any hints what I could do to solve this?
thank you!

Hi @cliersch,

I think fedora is not officially supported.

Would you please try the web version: or the PWA version:

hi daniel,
thank you very much for your answer.
i have been using gravit on fedora machines for years now without any problems, so i tried to figure out what might be going wrong this time. the only difference i can see at first sight is that the legion7 has a dedicated GPU.
today, i tried several things: PWA and webapp work fine with fedora on this machine.
then i installed ubuntu, where also the appimage worked without problems.
i don’t know yet which way i will chose …

Ubuntu is officially supported. But if you can use the PWA on Fedora and it is your choice for OS, it is almost identical to the desktop version. Give it a try.

Hello @cliersch,

I might be late into the discussion, but I thought it’s worth sharing what I found out about this issue. I’m also on Fedora on multiple machines, but the above issue only seems to happen if you have an nVidia card installed (and run proprietary nVidia driver).

When you launch Gravit Designer from the Terminal, you’ll likely see an error message similar to this:
[17390:0324/] The display compositor is frequently crashing. Goodbye.

It happens with old Electron-based software, that use a legacy/outdated versions of this framework. Accordingly to this thread (which likely is related), a library element was disabled in new Electron versions, which causes this behavior to similar software.

A workaround I found is that you can launch Gravit’s AppImage from the Terminal with the --in-process-gpu suffix. However, the true solution would be to update Gravit Designer to use the new Electron versions. Maybe @Scofano has information, if we can expect Gravit to be updated to use non-legacy dependencies in near future?

I noticed, that Gravit Designer also is available as a Flatpak, which might has slightly different lunching procedures. However, right now the installation is broken. @Scofano should we expect the Flatpak installation work, or is that a non-official/non-supported version?

Thank you in advance for you information!

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Márton Lente

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Flatpak releases are not official.
It is fan-based but I’ve heard about it before and it seemed to work (from the feedback I got).

Another thing I may add to this thread is that I also received reports that running Gravit using might work for non-Ubuntu releases:
gravit-designer --no-sandbox

thank you for your thoughts!
@scofano made the --no-sandbox proposition earlier before in a support email and it works on fedora.
i added it to the desktop-file under ~/local/share/applications, so that i can use gravit designer without having to use the terminal every time.
code looks like this:
Exec=/home/cl/Applications/GravitDesigner.AppImage --no-sandbox %U
kind regards

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Yes, as you both told, --no-sandbox flag also works as a workaround, which is great.

However, I’m interested if we can expect Gravit Designer to be updated to newer versions of Electron? The above is a workaround, the solution would be to not use legacy dependencies: maintaining the app would resolve this issue too.

Kind regards,
Márton Lente