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Applying union to these points make weird lines

Hello! I’ve been trying to fill in a particular area of an illustration however i’m unsuccessful in doing so after trying multiple things. --> The image and area I want to fill --> What happens when I try union the shape

Would greatly appreciate if anyone can tell me a way to fill this area, I can give any more info if needed :slightly_smiling_face: - Thank you!

Can you upload the actual GD file so can take a proper look?

calender.gvdesign (6.2 KB)

When you think about booleans, you should be thinking about shapes minus shapes, instead of lines connecting. I think it is the easiest way. Using basic shapes.

Always convert to path before the next step.

From a very quick look I can see by using the sub-select tool that your shape is made up of 5 separate paths that are not joined together

The reason union etc did not work is that it is designed to work with a solid shape not a path (unless you vectorize the border of a path)

What you need to do with your shape is really one of 2 things…

  1. Take each of the paths and join them together so you have a single path for the whole shape then you can just apply a fill to it

2.Recreate the shape another way

I would suggest that option 2 is going to be easier in this case.

To create that shape what you could do is…

  1. Draw a rectangle.
  2. Convert the rectangle to a path
  3. Subselect the bottom left corner and apply a curve to the corner
  4. Then subselect the top right corner and do the same but change the type of corner to ‘Round 2’ (an inside curve)
  5. That should give you the basic shape then add a border to match up with your other shapes

Hope that helps

Then use the corner tool for that smooth result.

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@Scofano @techiekev

I’ve tried both of your methods and both worked perfectly fine, thank you so much for the help as this was my first time using gravit! Really appreciate it

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Your most welcome, its a great product

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I know I´m a bit late to the party but I think I could share my approach to this special case as SVG paths don´t support “T”-connections and this is probably the most accurate way to do this kind of shape - even when it´s made from 2. So here you go (if you like):



Nice approach to the problem @EllenM

Thank you. :blush:


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