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Are Illustrator file no longer supported in Corel Vector?

If you try to open them it just says file type not supported. If you try to drag one into a document it just sits there and does nothing

They were supported before right?

Well, yes and no. I’ll explain.

Yes, the illustrator files were supported IF(and only if) they were saved using the “pdf compatible” checkbox. In this case they could be open directly on Gravit Designer.

No, illustrator files are not supported by Corel Vector. BUT, if the files are saved with the same “pdf compatible” option checked, you can rename it to .pdf and it will still be imported.

Why? Because it is, in fact, a pdf file and not an illustrator file.

So (I believe) to avoid issues, such as: “hey, my illustrator file, full of Illustrator only features (gradient mesh, variable width strokes, vector brushes, etc) are not being imported”, the extension can’t be imported anymore.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the information

It’s a shame CV didn’t just check for the ‘PDF compatible’ flag and if not present tell us it could not be imported and why

Instead now anytime we want to try using an illustrator file we have to rename the file, and see if CV will open it Then if it won’t open we have to rename it back and try to open it in something that has better Illustrator support. A more complicated workflow process, YAY!

Why? Because it is, in fact, a pdf file and not an illustrator file.

I’m not quite sure Adobe would agree with that statement

Were we not able to import .sketch files before? Has that also been removed now?

Hi @techiekev

Renaming the file to .pdf is an “unofficial workaround”, provided by me in order to help users (what I do).

I tried to rename it once and it worked (based on my assumption that if it was flagged with pdf compatible option, it either is, or contains a pdf inside it) so I suggested it to someone (you?) and to whoever asks if there is a workaround because the official information is : CV doesn’t support neither .ai files or sketch files.

Gravit Designer did? yes, but not CV. CV was created (rebranded) without it.

By the way, sketch files were only supported up to version v50 and it hasn’t been updated after that point. Last time I checked it sketch files were already v90.

Then you may want to inform the devs that they should remove *.ai from the import file filter as shown in the image below, I see sketch was already removed

cv file filter

Were there any other things/features that vanished when CV was created (rebranded) that we should know about?


Nice catch. I’ll inform them.

About “removals”? Only those I can remember.