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Autosave keeps failing/is broken - many hours lost

This is the third time this has happened using the browser version. I’m on the latest update in Chrome.

The first time a couple of week’s ago i lost a day’s worth of work - Version History would not load for over an hour and I had to start afresh (deadline).

The second time Gravit froze and when I relaunched the current version was lost and had reverted to one which was at least a day old. This time I found a slightly earlier version in Version History but still lost lots of important work.

This time I’ve lost a really critical couple of hour’s work and Version History is only showing autosaves from 24 hours ago.

This is absolutely gutting. It makes Gravit unusable - it’s certainly not a Pro tool.

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Hi @Kate I’m sorry about that.

Have you checked edit > Settings and set a different time from the default 5 minutes? Is auto-save enabled?

Gravit Designer warns you every time it saves your work. So, you should have been seeing warnings every 5 minutes. Did you see the warnings and it still didn’t save or didn’t you see the warnings at all?

Please check Help > Show welcome screen and tell me what is the version of your software. (Is it updated?)

No, settings are still default 5 mins with A/S enabled. I’m not sure about every time but I’ve definitely seen A/S saving this last instance. I tend to move back and forth between Gravit and other Chrome tabs/apps so I’m not certain how often.

Just now it froze again and no actions were possible but I had manually saved the minute before.

If you are using the web version, you are probably using the latest version. Would you please test it on an incognito window? Just to be sure there is no extension causing the issue.

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