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Autoscale Borders

When I’m finishing a project I always go through every path and if it has a border I set it to ‘Autoscale Borders’. This can obviously be a VERY laborious task, Firstly, I don’t understand why this doesn’t get checked by default?

After all shapes, compound paths etc auto scale, if they are saved as SVG’s so, why not the borders?

Checking & changing these borders is such a huge task I even considered writing a bit of code to blast through the exported SVG and find any paths not set to resize and to change them

This got me looking at the SVG code exported from GD. Now I’m no SVG expert, but when I have 2 rectangles both with a border and one of them has been set to ‘Autoscale Border’ I would expect in the SVG file something to be a little different between them

I was rather surprised to see that they both have… vector-effect=“non-scaling-stroke”

Does this mean setting the borders to autoscale in Gravit makes no difference to the output file?

I really do hope I’m missing something here,. It is, after all, a vector application and vector paths should resize and that includes the borders of an object too

After reading carefully and testing the exported svg files I agree this is something that should be changed/checked. Maybe via a setting on the exporter or by just using the option you have marked as the setting for the exporter.

I’m not sure about marking the auto-scale as a default option. Affinity Designer (for example) doesn’t mark it as default and I guess lots of users would ask to uncheck as the default so, it is a matter of “personal taste”.

But I can suggest a new setting for the user to check if they want it as default or not.

A setting on the exporter or in settings would be far better. Then you would not have to re-visit every path/shape with a border on it and check its set to resize, that’s the laborious part of it when you have a huge number of paths

I honestly don’t get why all vector software does not auto-scale the borders by default. Every fill you set resizes by default, I cant imagine an instance where you would add a border to a fill and you would not want/expect that to resize alongside the fill

If your work will not get resized it still would not matter if the border had the resize set anyway

I was horrified when I realized even when I have gone to the effort of setting it to resize it was still being ignored when the SVG was created. Ultimately when it’s fixed I am going to have to go back and re-export every single SVG I have ever created in Gravit and re-issue those to clients who may try to resize something in the future

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