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Basic question: how to insert an URL in my document?

I think this demand of hyper link to pdf is necessary and it will do gravity design more likable.

I hope we get this update

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Vote for it here! Export to PDF with links

Any idea when this will be implemented?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an estimated that for that yet. Please bear with us.

Ive just cancelled my subscription. It was coming up for renewal but Im going to find another platform that will allow me to add URL’s to text. There’s clearly a demand for this feature.

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Any updates on this? As an urban planning student trying to make community-facing documents more accessible to the public, hyperlinks in PDFs are essential to our work.

Hi @matthewegabb,

unfortunately, we still don’t have news for this one. But it is on the list.

Please bear with us.

I’ve been using this in the meantime to add links to the PDF after it has been exported from Gravit:


Thanks Pandle for this information.


Yep, I’m another person coming here searching for a solution to this…3 years later…