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Black templates screen


  • 3.2.6
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Store


See I don’t even know if it’s a bug, or if it’s a 1 time glitch, but I can barely read the templates or anything. I’m pretty new to Gravit so I haven’t memorized the presets. It’s just kinda strange…

Hope you can tell me what this is, or if it’s even a bug.

-TheDevelopingCookie (“Cookie”)

Thanks for the report.

Does this happen for each preset category and even if you restart Gravit Designer?

We had this problem before on Linux, which was related to particular GPUs. Which configuration does your computer have, maybe this is a similar issue with Electron (the “wrapper” we use to run the web app as a desktop app).

It doesn’t happen all the time. The problem seems to be related to either accidentally hold clicking the tab with the mouse. I think it happened once with the other tabs. Thank’s for responding!

-TheDevelopingCookie (“Cookie”)

Thanks for the information.

But what do you mean by “hold clicking the tab”?

Please keep an eye on this bug and get back to us if it happens again.


What I mean by holding the tab: When you click a tab and hold, for example “business”, then open another templates tab, and finally, if you go back to the tab you just held, it should appear black.

Here, I tried to make a video about it, but the drop-down menu doesn’t show. I hope you can understand what i’m trying to do in this video:

Hope this helps,

Thanks for creating the video, I’ve filed a bug report.

You are on Windows 10, right?

Correct. Thanks for everything.