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Bleed Lines and Crop Marks for Print

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if it would be possible to add bleed and crop marks/lines used for print. Similar to how Adobe InDesign does it. Obviously, if enabled it would have to modify the output of the pdf file.

The UI portion in the editor can look something like this:image003

And then the resulting print could look something like this:


Whereby it has the crop marks (A, E, B), Color Pattern (D), etc.
I think this feature could effectively make Gravit Designer useful for print as well as for web design, etc.

Of course, the distance for the bleed and safe zones would need to be customizable for all sides of the document.

Let me know what you guys think.


  • Miguel
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Thanks for your suggestions, this is already on our roadmap.


I’d like to weigh in on this one. Do you have an ETA, – this would be be a huge time-saver!

Hi there @torcode, unfortunately we can’t give an exact date yet.

This would be SOOOOO helpful. Very glad you guys are working on it and can’t wait to see it in Gravit! You guys rock!

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I am searching for a way to add crop marks for print. I know you have said it is something you are working on but does anyone have any tips for how to add in crop marks manually? Would it work the same to draw them in using the line tool?

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I´d say draw them manually and make sure they all on canvas otherwise you can´t take it with you - means it won´t export unless you have a larger paper format with smaller content to cut from. The alignment of the content depends on how it will be cut; manually or via professional guillotine for example.


Thanks for your help @EllenM. Because it was only one page, I added them manually and included 10mm bleed to the page so they weren’t lost when exported.

Ok - that´s can be kind of a problem, because when the bleed is part of the exported page the content will be shrunk and is no longer 1:1 in scale.