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Blue pointer 'bounds' appearing wider than the object

Hey all
I need to make this object 200cm wide, but if I set a width in the it applies it to the blue ‘bounds’ line (not sure what this is called) rather than the object. This blue outline is much wider than the object itself. I can’t work out how to fix it - anyone help?

It looks like you have something else in the group for your object that is way over to the left

Try using the sub select tool (D) with noting selected and draw a box over to the left to see if you can find whats in there. Otherwise you will have to go through all the paths in your group and see which one extends over to the left

Result ! Thanks v much @techiekev.

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For anyone suffering the same issue - weirdly, drawing a box over to the left didn’t seem to find the tiny piece. I did apple-A to select all in subselect tool and a tiny anchor point showed up in the left side of the box.

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