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I am a fan of Gravit and have been using it for awhile, but I have noticed that jpeg and png export quality has been very blurry so far. Today I sent a png file to other students to promote, but when sent to the smartphone, the coloration was off (I used the gradient feature) and the graphics were blurry. I have attached a photo below. I love Gravit, but wish that I could receive the same quality image as what my preview displays! I would appreciate any and all tips!

Thank you!Inkedexc_LI

Note: this was a direct export to png on my computer, but the image quality got worse when sent to smartphone.

Hi @eun03,

Apps that send images over the phone (messenger, whatsapp, etc) compress the images so if you need the image to be sent without being compressed you can send them a link instead. Like dropbox or drive. So they can access the full version of the image.

Other than that, you can try to export using 300dpi. It will increase your file’s quality (and file size as well).

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