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Bring back the Gavish UI theme

Haven’t been on here in a while, but I wanted to quickly chime in here and request that the Gravish theme be reintroduced in Gavit Designer again as I really enjoyed having it as an option in the UI controls. The theme also worked really well when I used f.lux in the evening. Really made it easy on the eyes when working at night.



White = too bright, Black = too gloomy. Gravish was perfectly in the middle.

Next to that, it was easier to distinguish tools in the toolbar when button groups each had their own color. Just one more thing to help increase ease of use / recognize what is what.

Old versus new:

For the rest, speed has increased a lot when working with complex designs / big files. Well done!


I don’t know why they removed it at first place. It was a good looking theme and I believe it was improving my stability during work. Dark one is too depressing and light theme hurts my eyes especially when I’m working long hours.

Also what happened to my beloved ‘fit all’ button? I was constantly using it. Ctrl + Alt + 0 is not good enough, it requires both hands. I’m using a keyboard macro for it right now but it might be a little bit annoying for people who don’t have access to a decent keyboard.


I really loved the purple theme and was gutted when I was stuck with the usual black depressing theme as the light was too bright. It looked different and really don’t understand they removed it althogether just because a few people didn’t like it. Those people just needed to change the theme to one of the other traditional themes available.

All Gravit needed to do was-nothing. The light and dark theme options were still available for the traditionalists hence leaving the innovative purple theme for the rest of us who loved it!

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As this thread shows best, there’s always two sides of the same coin: some loved the purple theme, some hated it, and no matter how we do it, there’s always a party that’s not satisfied, so we decided, in the end, to reduce overhead and remove the purple theme altogether, because maintaining two themes is way easier than needing to maintain three themes. I’m very sorry, but the purple theme won’t come back anytime soon.

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Understood, point made. Thanks Christian!