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[Bug] Gravit Designer can't open files from Desktop or folders

Hello friends. I go back open other topic because the topic original was closed without solution (Click here)

Also, i add more information about this bug.

  • My OS: KDE Neon 20.04 (Ubuntu 20.04 + KDE v5.22)
  • Version of Gravit Designer: 2021.i1 Lin
  • Description of the bug or problem you encountered:

I have like OS KDE Neon 20.04(Ubuntu 20.04 + KDE). My installation of Gravit Designer is Appimage. I don’t use Cloud of Gravit, all my files is local.

The problem is that when i go to open a file of gravit (.gvdesign), it don’t open with gravit from my desktop with double click on the file. The system recognizes it as a compressed file. To open it, i have to open gravit designer and go to the menu and then open file.

This is not a problem the OS, is a problem the Gravit Designer that don’t generate mime types correctly.

I have done a workaround but it don’t work to 100% because Gravit Designer also have other bug more.

This is workaround for that the filesof gravit (.gvdesign) will be recognizes and they can be opened with
They can be opened with double click:

  1. Download this files: Workaround Gravit files (3.5 KB)

  2. Once the file is downloaded and unzipped, move the files to the following locations:

  • File “application-gvdesign.xml” move to “$/HOME/.local/share/mime/packages/”.
  • File “designer.xml” move to “$/HOME/.local/share/mime/x-scheme-handler”.
  • File “x-office-drawing-gvdesign.svg” move to “$/HOME/.local/share/icons”.

With this, now you can open files from desktop with double click and Gravit Designer but it won’t work 100%. Once that you have opened a file, if Gravit Designer is open and you go to open the second file, this don’t work because Gravit Designer don’t recognizes the second file for open (other bug of Gravit).

Please Gravit Designer Team, this error was reported in December 2020 and not solved yet. It is very uncomfortable to work like this.

I vote for a solution urgent!