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[Bug] Gravit Designer create files with extension ".back" automatically


My system is Ubuntu 20.04 with KDE 5.20.5.

I use Gravit Designer Desktop v.2020-

When i save a file (on my computer) or i modify a file, gravit designer
create other file automatic with same name but with extension “.back”.


1º I open gravit.
2º I create a new document.
3º I save file. (on my computer)
4º I draw anything.
5ºI save the file again. Then gravit designer create other file automatic with same name but with extension “.back”.

Also happen if i export a file of Gravit to PDF, JPG, PNG, etc, and i overwrite the destination file because because this already exists before.

I have to be manually deleting the files with the “.back” extension that gravit creates for me automatically every time I modify a design or overwrite an exportation.

I attach a video with issue:


Hi @Sergio,

this is not created by Gravit Designer. It is possible that your OS or an external program is creating it.

Sorry, but I insist.

Gravit Desinger is who creates these files when save or export. This is a bug of Gravit Designer and this issue happen from version 2020-1.3.4. Previous versions to v2020-1.3.4. of Gravit Designer don’t happen and work good.

You can view the issue in my video:


@Sergio thanks for the feedback.

I asked the dev team. It is not Gravit’s. It is created by the OS.

But I’ll talk to them again. Thanks for reporting.

Hello Scofano.

I don’t want to seem heavy but I insist again.

This is a bug of Gravit Designer and this happen with versions of Gravit Designer v2020-1.3.4 or later. This issue with previous versions to v2020-1.3.4 don’t happen. THE OS DON’T CREATE THESE FILES

You can rewatch the video that I sent you to check it.


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What kind of installation is this? AppImage or Snap?

The installation is with AppImage.

Can you reproduce it using the PWA version?

1º. I need, use and want a desktop version.

2º If I use the pwa version, i use firefox and Gravit Designer PWA is not compatible with Firefox.

3º I have installed chrome and i have tried PWA version (In case it helps you the information for fix the desktop version), and with version PWA this issue don’t happen.


Thanks a lot for your efforts.

I’ve forwarded all of this information to the dev team to help the investigation.

Unfortunately, there’s no ETA for a fix.

Please bear with us.

Hello Scofano.

What do you mean with “Unfortunately, there’s no ETA for a fix.”? What is ETA?


The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is the time when a ship, vehicle, aircraft, cargo, emergency service or person is expected to arrive at a certain place.

Ok, but, Do you plan to fix it in the future?

There are already two bug. This and this other that I published a long time ago: [Bug] I can't open files of gravit on Ubuntu with KDE

Please, you tell me if you go to fix it in future. This is important for me. I can work with this bugs some time, but if they are not corrected, the experience with gravit designer becomes complicated and i don’t want to go back to Adobe.


Both issues are being investigated.

Perfect. Very thanks Scofano.

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FYI: I’m just validating Sergio’s bug report.
I’m using 2020-1.3.4 (appimage) on Linux Mint 20.04 ( no KDE) and I am also getting .back files when saving to existing file names as Sergio described and also exporting to .png files.

I can actually see the usefulness of backup files, myself.

I did check the settings to see if its a new setting I could turn on or off but I didn’t see anything (yet).

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I have noticed a couple of .back files too. However, I’m on Windows 10 using GD desktop & PWA both version 2020-

I don’t know offhand if they were created by the PWA or the desktop app. Having tried to overwrite a file using the PWA they didn’t seem to get created again but using the desktop version they do!

I also can see the benefit of backup files being created, but it’s something I would want to be able to turn off in settings

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Any progress about this bug? Thanks.

Unfortunately, no estimated date for this yet.

Please, I suggest to prioritize this bug for short term fix. The experience of working with Gravit Designer becomes horrible having to constantly delete files manually.


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