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[Bug] I can't open files of gravit on Ubuntu with KDE


I have Ubuntu with KDE Desktop. I have a problem. I have installed Gravit Designer (Appimage). All Ok but the files of gravit (.gvdesign) i can’t open. if I double click on them, this are open with application “ark”. I only can open if i open gravit and i access from menu open.

This is a error of Gravit that don’t generate mime types correctly.

My versión of Gravit is 1.2.1.

I attach video where showing the issue.


Can you open them from Gravit Designer, via Menu > File > Open local file?


I can open it from the program, but I cannot open it if I double-click from a file on the desktop

Thanks for reporting. I’m forwarding this info to the developer team.

Had the same problem on Windows desktop version for many months, I know I reported it 7 months ago

I’m not the expert (not even a dev) but I guess that file associations are rather an OS thing, than a GD thing. I mean, not something that should solved by the program but with an OS configuration / file association.

(but I can be wrong)

Certainly on Windows the file association is set, by the program install I’m sure as I did not set it. If you right click on the file it says open with Gravit Designer and even if you select that it still does not open

So the OS association is there but GD still wont open it unless you go into GD and ‘File / Open’ and then navigate to the file’

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I had the same problem, but now testing it, the rightclick-openwith works, but not the double click (windows 10)

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Just got a notification that the desktop app has updated to version 2020-1.3.4. Installed it and retested

On Windows 10 for me, if the GD desktop app is NOT already running then double-clicking on the file does run the app and open the file

IF the app is already running, then double-clicking on a .gvdesign file or right-clicking and selecting ‘Open With Gravit Designer’ does not open the file

Very pleased to see the desktop app has finally caught up with the web and PWA version

I have report this to dev team of my distro linux. They say me this:

This is a bug in Gravit Designer not properly registering itself to handle that mimetype. This could be a bug in the app itself if the developer wrote the app’s .desktop file incorrectly, or it could be a packaging bug upstream in Ubuntu, in the event that they wrote it wrong. Please contact one of them about it. :slight_smile:

I think that this error is of gravit desktop…

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll add it to the case.

Any advance on this? It is very uncomfortable not being able to open files from the desktop.


Unfortunately, there is no ETA available at the moment.

I’m sorry about that.

Any progress about this bug? It’s been two months since I reported it. Thanks.

Unfortunately, no.

Please, I suggest to prioritize this bug for short term fix. The experience of working with Gravit Designer becomes horrible without being able to open Gravit files from the desktop.


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Please, a solution for this bug. :sob: