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Can't Curve Corners of the Lines

I tried the both the line shape and drawing a line with a pen. When I use subselect tool, select a corner/more corners and start sliding the “corner” setting on the sliding bar the corners do not change. They still have sharp corners.

Most likely the nodes are not connected or there are 2 nodes in the same spot. Can you upload such an example?

From what I can see on the video you uploaded you appear to be trying to adjust the corner at the end of a line.

In the video when you first started to draw, it appears you were about to create a ‘V’ shape but the second part of the line never gets completed. You then are trying to adjust the corner at the ends of a straight line which you can’t do. I

f you had drawn the complete V shape and then, sub selected the middle point and adjusted the corner for that, it should work fine

Hope this helps

Yeah, I think I get what you are saying. But how can I curve corners of a single line?

What kind of shape do you really expect from this procedure with a single straight line - I mean in what directions should it bend?

You can curve the whole line, but not the ends

Good example Ellen, I must admit I had never tried the last corner option, learnt something there :slight_smile:

Never mind, I found how to do it. After I draw a line, I have to go to the border settings, go to “Ends” and select “round”. Thanks for trying to help, though!

Ok - Advanced stroke settings (Ends+Joins) and Corner Settings are totally different things BTW.
File closed methinks.