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Can't download transparent background PNG

No matter what I do to the background, I can’t set the background to be transparent. :frowning:

That´s strange: setting the page color to 0% Opacity results in an alpha channeled PNG here with the latest version 3.3. See uploaded image.

CheersGravitD alpha

Weird. Does it not work anymore when an image gets to some size?

What are the steps to remove background on Klex specifically? I see ways to do color fill, gradient fill, image fill, I even went into options for each background layer and set Opacity to 0%. Everything comes with a white background under the text layer (full canvas).

So I was able to work in Klex to make the document and open Gravit Designer to adjust page color / opacity to 0%, but I was really hoping to be able to do this within Klex (web) itself.

Not sure we´re talking about the same thing anymore:


We aren’t. :slight_smile: This is the Klex subforum ( which is a standalone web app. It allows PNG downloads, but there’s no way on the web app to make the background transparent.

Oh - I see now. I´m so sorry. Didn´t meant to confuse you. :sweat_smile:


Guess it’s a two-step process for now then. But huge request @devs to please add a transparent alpha channel to Klex web app!

As of today (Mar 2018):

  1. Do edits to logo in Klex.
  2. Open Klex design in Gravit Designer (via Cloud Sync) and set Page opacity to 0%.

Bummer, but hopefully it’ll get added in one day.

Thanks for your suggestion, but currently no adaptations for Klex are planned and we are putting all our efforts into Gravit Designer. Thanks for your comprehension.