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Can't install PWA on a Mac

I can’t respond to the previous discussion as it is closed Gravit no longer free to download?

I still can’t install the PWA on a Mac. Cookies are allowed, I have the paid version (I have recently renewed), I tried with every browser available on a Mac (including Chrome, which is the only browser where the option is available but greyed out), but with no luck.

Can someone look into it? I am still running an old version of Gravit Designer PRO (2021.i1), which is the only way for me to work offline. It works well but it might be missing new features I am paying for with the subscription or have bugs.

My main question is: has anyone successful installed the PWA on a Mac? A developer, a user? Could the PWA “packaged” (if that’s the right term) as an executable version?

No response? What is going on? I have renewed my subscription but there is no way to communicate with anyone

Product seems to be dead.

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