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Can't Save Files Locally, freezing, all kinds of issues!

Is anyone else experiencing severe issues? I’ve downloaded the app, I’ve installed from the web, I’ve tried the PWA version, and I experience issues with all of them.

  • Right now, I’m trying to save/export a file (app) that I’ve saved countless times already this morning (desktop), and it’s stuck.

  • Countless times before this, I have attempted to save two particular .gvdesign files and they just get stuck. (Ticket filed)

  • There are times, an object is selected but I can’t unselect, I can’t select another layer, I can’t do anything. I now try to have another document open, even if it’s blank, and occasionally I can manage to click on the other doc and then come back to mine and it’s unfrozen. Not always.

I’ve always used the free version, but have contemplated getting the Pro edition now that I will be doing more work in it (and I prefer it to AI, actually)… but, no thanks. Until this runs like it should, why pay?

Sadly have had all of these issues too. Been reported, sent videos, sent screen grabs of network traffic

Only workaround is to close Gravit a LOT. After your done with a file close it, if you get problems close and reopen it

I also prefer it to AI and I did get the Pro version but still have all these issues and a lot of bug reports filed for this and many other problems

I’m so glad to know I’m not alone! It’s horrific!
It used to run flawlessly for me and now it’s extremely frustrating.

Out of nowhere, I will suddenly not be able to select anything unless (if I’m lucky) I can manage to grab it from the left panel.

PWA is marginally better, but I much prefer the desktop version. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone! And I’ll wait to buy the PRO version. I’m not sure what more you get by paying for it.


hi @snowtigga,

Are you using BIG SUR?

No, Catalina.

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I’m using Big Sur and have can’t save existing files locally.

Saving to a brand new file for the first time works.

Saving an existing file with another name works too.

Check this out:

The app freezes and I have to close and re-open it.

I have received reports from a few BIG SUR’s users that the PWA version works better than the desktop one.

We’re investigating those issues (and also the memory issue).

FYI, I encounter problems on my new MBP running Big Sur as well as problems on the old one which is running Catalina.

I still prefer Gravit over AI and Inkscape, but am forced to use Inkscape right now because of all the issues. Good to hear it’s being looked into, I hope there’s a resolution soon.

I miss my smart guides!

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I have ben having the same issue. Remote teaching has forced me to have my students use Gravit instead of Ai. It was great in the beginning but now my students are using chrome books and they are given no option to save their files locally. We don’t use the cloud so this a a huge problem that they can’t even save anything. The program is also crashing continuously from the web browser and deleting all of their work.

I’m sorry to hear that but all reports from Chromebook users were solved by updating it to 2020. Please check this:

Those reports above are mostly from macOS.

I am also unable to save files locally.
I downloaded Gravit Designer version 2020- today (02-10-2021) on my iMac running MacOS Big Sur version 11.2.1.

I was able to save my test project once using ‘Save to Local file as…’, however, when I tried to save it again after making changes using ‘Save’, Gravit Designer would hang with the message ‘Saving (file)…’ When I Quit GravitDesigner, it would display a message indicating that my file has been modified and ask me if I would like to save it. I exited and reloaded Gravit Designer several times but was never able to save changes to my test project.

In its current state, I am unable to use Gravit Designer.

please try the web version or the PWA version.