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Just came across Gravit. Stupendous tool! I have been waiting for a good solid web-based vector editor for a long time. Thank you!


Great to hear may I ask how you discovered us? :slight_smile:

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I’m on 3.0.5. Nice Job

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Hiya, is it possible to download the Macversion somehwere that isn’t the App Store? Because I just checked that again and they’re still on 3.0.4 (I can understand that it’ll take longer on appstores because Apple is probably going to review the app etc).

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Yes we’re currently having troubles with Apple this time waiting for their approval sorry ;(

We do have a native download of the mac version but it should not be used as auto-update and everything is made via the store

Hi !

If you could post new version changelog as a new reply, we could

But then the thread should be reserved for your changelog entries. Could be useful anyway !

[Workaround] I turned on “Watching” for this tread to receive email notification on every new post update. It works flawlessly.


My username is picassox, I have been trying to save, load, and export my designs to no avail. This is incredibly frustrating to deal with. When attempting to export it’s simply getting stuck on the loading screen, asking for me to wait. If you could help with this issue in a timely manner, as this is time-sensative conflict, I would be grateful. I need my design on my computer to transfer them to another software for business purposes. If you need more info just ask!

This may not be the best location for this discussion, but this is the only means of contact I could quickly find, so my apologies for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your efforts,

Darius W.

Another image of part of the collective issues.

Which browser and OS are you on? Did you get any error on your console?

os x el captain (using safari) and no code

thanks. We are working on the fix for Safari browser. For meantime, try to use other browser such as Chrome.

add this eraser to complitly photoshop

Another image of “New form Templat”

The issue is fixed in 3.1.3 release.