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Cloud save error

The Corel Vector platform is having problems saving to the cloud, I have been trying to save a file to the cloud and the error persists.

What is your version number? Help > Show welcome screen (bottom of the pop up)

Version i008 web

How many pages does your document have? Big images attached? Complex vector graphics?

18 pages, 30 mb

I know it is not the answer you would like to hear but just a workaround: try to split it into 2 documents of 9 pages each or even 3 documents with 6 pages each. This should fix the issue.

You can create a new document, and copy/paste pages from the original one.

That’s what I thought, I need to share, after the last update this problem started, I’ve worked before with similar documents and I had no problems

I find that opening documents from or saving documents to the cloud takes ages. Anything Gravit/Corel-cloud-related is just incredibly slow and tedious. Are others having this same issue?

What is the size of your .gvdesign? (you can download it to your local HD in order to check it)

I usually make 3000 x 3000 pixel svgs.

Sorry I meant in mb, not canvas size.

oops–sorry. usually about 4 KB. the size doesn’t seem to matter, though (i.e. it happens with large and small files). there’s always been a delay getting things from the cloud or uploading them to the cloud, but it’s been much worse in the past few months. might it have to do with how many items i have up on the cloud?

It is possible that if you have many items, you have to, somehow, load them all and this process can be a bit slow, yes. But this is just a guess.

thanks for the reply

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