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Cloud Saves Gone

I’ve been using Gravit designer for a while now. Even purchased PRO for a little while. I had all of my vectors stored in the cloud, but now I can’t access any of them. I was using the link to use Gravit, but now whenever I try to open up the cloud, it says I’m offline. I’m obviously not, so I’m hoping it’s a broken link instead of a server wipe.

It’s a little heartbreaking that I didn’t back up any of these, since it was kind of my life’s work in terms of artwork. Any way I could get access to those files?


Hi @JeremyBoetticher,

Don’t worry. Your files are safe. Please try using the same credentials on

It unfortunately still says that I am offline. I’m running version i013.1 Web

This is a different issue. It is possible that something is preventing you from reaching out the cloud servers. Have you tried VPN?