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Color Adjust Hue Hex Input

When using Color Adjust to modify the color of an object, the actual color is determined by the Hue slider. Making this precisely the color you are trying to adjust to is difficult, since it’s in degrees of what I assume is the color wheel?

Allowing a hex input here would be ideal, to me. Then there’s more precision to allow you to get to exactly the color you are trying to wash/fill/tint/adjust it to.

Isn´t that already possible?

No not that I’ve found for hue. Hex fill of course is possible. But because I can’t select around a bitmap and fill, I’m forced to use the hue. It’s the only way I’ve found to not affect the entire bitmap rectangle. If there’s another way, like converting to alpha channel using an effect, and then using Fill, I’d love to hear about it.

True - but none of my bitmap editors like GIMP, Affinity Suite, PixelMatorPro, Krita
uses HEX for Hue shift.
Aside from this “Color adjust” doesn´t do anything here on macOS/BigSur which seems a bug to me.

Hi there, requests here: :slight_smile:

If Convert to Alpha is added as a feature, then this feature is unnecessary. Because there is no on-the-fly way to convert to alpha transparency on a bitmap, then the only way to colorize without affecting the entire shape is to use Hue right now, which makes having hex control over hue to be desired.

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