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Compound path creating many duplicate nodes!

When creating a compound path (union) there are multiple duplicate nodes being created directly under other nodes.

In the video below there are 6 objects being joined. This creates 17 additional nodes as illustrated. 1 part gets 1 extra node, the next 2 nodes etc. This is only joining 6 objects, if you are creating a shape comprised of 60 objects or more this creates a huge number of extra nodes. If you need to remove all extraneous nodes before you submit an illustration this creates a huge amount of work!

This issue seems to be in all versions including the web version running in an incognito tab. I believe this is a relatively new issue. I’m using Windows 10 and the latest version of GD

Thanks again @techiekev.

Forwarded to the dev team.

Do yourself+Boolean a favor and provide at least a tiny overlapping and all is good:

Thanks @EllenM,

That’s interesting, did it go wrong for you when you didn’t have an overlap ?

I will have to try that again but must admit I usually have overlap because otherwise you can get tiny gaps which can cause problems later

Tested again with a definite overlap and still adding the extra nodes here

Yes - same issue here. But working with tiny overlap - I believe Booleans needs geometry “interaction” as in 2d as 3d,
Can you share that specific file causing the error?

Well I’m glad I’m not the only one seeing this error

I have had this with many files and my workflow process has not changed. I’m pretty sure this has only been happening for the last few versions, I should have reported it when I first noticed it

Here is the sample file used in the video
Compound Path Problem.gvdesign (2.8 KB)

Thanks for the file: It´s sick. You can´t force the Boolean operation to avoid double+triple+quadruple nodes to appear in the same spot. First conversion to raw path then Boolean unite or whatever. While it still looks ok I guess a plotter will refuse to work properly on that output.

Here it´s a simple text subtracted from a rectangle: I pulled out every superfluous node.

Thanks for trying @EllenM it’s crazy and if your creating some REALLY complex shape it can take an age to remove every single superfluous point. I know this is a recent bug, I have gone back and looked at compound paths in earlier drawings and this problem was not there

The problem is now, it will make you look at every compound path you create