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Convert Bitmap to Alpha Channel

Is it possible to convert a bitmap to alpha transparency using an effect or some combination of opacity settings?

Something very useful that Fireworks allowed was a quick “Convert to Alpha” setting, and then adding a color fill. This allowed you to quickly remove a background, and then set the primary color of the image using a fill.

So much of web work involves alternating in/out with transparencies on bitmaps and lossless presentation of vectors (text, css, svg…), so allowing a quick conversion to Alpha on bitmaps saves a ton of time when trying to chop a couple of bitmaps together.

While I get Gravit’s usefulness as a vector illustration tool, one of the big reasons I use design apps is for mockups, and mockups aren’t all illustration/vector based. They involved chopping up bitmaps, screenshots, Google images, photos, etc. Allowing users to easily do all this I think is why we don’t understand the hard line between illustration and photo editing. Mockups ARE design, to me and to a lot of people. So Gravit Designer having a toolset to help us mock things up would be powerful.

Hi @Josh,

Please check those links:

Thanks @Scofano. I get this. But what I’m proposing is a shortcut to this:

The image has to be placed as a transparent png (which can be alpha transparent).

Being able to place a non-transparent bitmap and then “Convert to Alpha” similar to how you can right-click and select “Convert to Path” is a huge time-saver (yes, Fireworks has this). If you are able to Convert to Alpha, then it effectively removes the white background and you can use Fill to set a hex fill for the alpha-transparent bitmap, which means that a hex Hue is unnecessary (which is one of my other requests).

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