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Corel Cloud Issues Yet Again

Yet again I’m experiencing issues accessing the Corel Cloud. Frequently it is taking around 40 seconds to display the files in the cloud! This is really unacceptable, 40 seconds is an age when you’re trying to find a file or even save a file

Occasionally I’m getting the loading failed message, but more frequently it’s the slow speed

When it’s working fine the files display in about 2 seconds which is what I would expect

These speed issues have been happening on and off since Christmas :frowning:

Two weeks later and it’s still slow a lot of the time

Am I the only one experiencing these issues?

As you mentioned, it seems to be location related. Maybe latency.
The dev team is investigating it but no ETA for fixing yet. They couldn’t reproduce it in a consistent way.

“As you mentioned, it seems to be location related”

I’m not sure I did suggest it was location related, you mentioned this with the report of the ‘loading failed’ issue previously

“Maybe latency”

As I have shown before with ping results (taken when CV is trying to access its cloud files), my connection to the server/IP is fast. I don’t get results this slow with anything other than Corel Cloud

“They couldn’t reproduce it in a consistent way”

I’m not surprised, it’s not a constant issue, it’s intermittent. Sometimes I get results back within 2 or 3 seconds, and other times it takes 20 to 40 seconds

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