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Corel Vector cost?

I’ve been using Gravit for a while now, and am wondering whether my current subscription price will be maintained with the shift to Corel Vector. If I change over to Corel Vector, will I have to now pay $70-$100 a year when I was paying something like $40 before?

If so, I may have to switch to another program. I’m not sure I can justify paying $100 a year for this, no matter how much I love Gravit’s intuitive interface.


They say it will continue at the same price your paying now

I hope so, I got a real good deal too

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Yes, all previous deals will be honored.

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How do I make the switch over without losing the price I’m paying now?

It is automatic.

¿Sure is automatic?
I baught Gravit in promotion. ¿Sure?

Yep, if you got a Gravit subscription deal, the price for Corel Vector will remain the same.

PS: Unless you got yourself a deal that gave you a discount for the first year (we used to have such deals in the past) but if your subscription is at least 2 years old and the price didn’t change so far, it is locked.

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