Corel Vector discussion

Corel Vector vanishes after "Export" and files a borked

M1Mac/BigSur/SafariBrowser/CorelVector Version i008Web
No matter how I export my documents to SVG or other file formats CorelVector window become blank and tab is labeled: “reading-list://”
Files are simply stored in download folder (can´t tell where it should otherwise needs to go) not as documents and misses file extensions and labeled as “Unknown-X”:
CV files
In that current state CorelVector is no longer usable for me.

I am having the same issue on my M1 iMac, ever since this rebrand to Corel Vector, issues have continuously be popping up, exports don’t work, and now I am having issues with importing svg’s too.

Does it work on Chrome?

Unfortunately “G°°°°gle” is not an option here.