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Corel Vector - Web-based vector app for design hobbyists and aspiring pros

As Corel describes it as a “Web-based vector app for design hobbyists and aspiring pros” does this mean the desktop versions will no longer be developed? The Windows version is already 2 versions behind (3 if you look at the web version linked from the Corel page)

Im not quite sure what I think of it now being positioned for “design hobbyists and aspiring pros”


@techiekev yes, desktop versions are no longer available. Only web/PWA versions from now on.

Those who still have the desktop versions can keep using it but won’t receive support for it anymore.

where to find the PWA version?

Good question, you can either go Menu > File > Install to desktop or you can click here: image (on the URL bar).

In some cases, the install to desktop feature is disabled (grayed), that’s because one of the files was not loaded correctly. In this case, you have to clear cache and enter the app again.

At first, I thought that by installing, you requested the files but it is the other way, first you cache everything and then you install (create a shortcut). If, on this process, there is something missing, you can’t install it.

And there is another case where the install is grayed. When you ALREADY installed it (but somehow you don’t know where is the launch icon).

Well, that’s disappointing. I guess this is an example of the great things coming

Is the changelog going to continue? It’s not been updated for the last 2/3 versions. It’s useful to see what bugs may have been fixed so I can keep track if I need to use workarounds to do things

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@techiekev I was expecting to start a conversation about the changes here, I’m glad you brought it up. I’ll just add CV to the title of your post so other users can get aboard.

IMHO (personal opinion), leaving the desktop versions behind shouldn’t affect the users at all.

We reached a point where the PWA version can do everything the desktop can (ok, maybe we can find an issue here and there but they are going to be corrected).

At the same time, the desktop version was ALWAYS a web version, but when you started the desktop version, it loaded a browser(exe) and the web version inside of it.

So… basically, while using the desktop version you were actually using the web version but it could cause the confusion that you were using a native app (that caused much more frustration about memory usage and performance).

I got tons of tickets saying “hey, I have a super pc with 128gb RAM and Gravit says I’ve no memory to export it”, yes… it is because Chrome(chromium, electron…) can’t manage more than 3gb(or 2gb a couple of years ago), so when you tried to render a big file, it had to cache it on memory, well, that’s why you couldn’t export a huge file. Now, Corel Vector is officially a web app.

Ps: The PWA has been always the fastest version of the software.

Changelog won’t be availabe on the website anymore (that’s why you couldn’t find it anymore) but I’ll keep this forum updated with the changes whenever a new release is out. And the reason why 2/3 versions were “skipped” is because they were part of this new big release/rebrand. So, basically we gathered all changes into one single release.

Many backend tasks (more than 200) were done in those new versions to allow a smooth transition from Gravit > Corel Vector. I believe those aren’t interesting for you (translations, rebranding, redirects, testing, etc…)

But a few that you can find on this newest version are:

  • Unsplash is back
  • Fixed: Texture fills: ability to apply them as swatches
  • Gravit sets all border position to outside causing issues with the lines
  • Update Google Fonts
  • Fixes for Safari
  • Automatically set the borders position to “center”
  • Performance improvement and investigation of memory leaks
  • Label for the Presentation mode is missing on the web version
  • Security updates
  • Fixed: Cloud issue that caused instability while saving/loading files to the cloud
  • Gravit Designer can’t copy and paste - Fixed

Well thanks for explaining and giving your thoughts

My understanding and experience of using the desktop version were it could address a lot more memory than the PWA or web version (3gb). I have had GD files that were going up to 15GB of memory on the desktop version. I will have to see what happens when I edit these with the new PWA version!

Looking at the list of changes you supplied. Can you explain what the "Automatically set the borders position to center” fix is? What does this apply to? Imported files, new objects drawn?

Also is the “Gravit Designer can’t copy and paste” related to the issue I reported with the touch interface ?

I look forward to re-testing the memory leaks issue, last time I looked it was still not clearing memory when files were closed so I’m still closing the app frequently every day. Be nice not to have to do that

The cloud issue is indeed fixed, I have had no problems in the last week or so, that’s great

Thanks Daniel

My understanding and experience of using the desktop version were it could address a lot more memory than the PWA or web version (3gb)

Trust me: web version, PWA version, desktop version, they were all the same. While running PWA and web, you used your browser (chrome, firefox), and on the desktop, you are using electron (which is a “browser” too).

The only difference that could affect this (again, I’m not a dev, this is just a guess) is that I have 30 tabs on my chrome (all of them sucking memory) so if I open Corel vector in another tab it will fight for its piece of memory while running the desktop app, it should be like a separate “chrome” with the full 3Gb all for itself.

So, if you close all tabs and use only Corel Vector, it should have all the 3Gb for itself the same way. I’m not sure if the PWA counts as a “new browser” but I GUESS so.

There were cases where the borders were set as out or in and it caused disappearing lines(or parts of it). Especially when importing SVG files (@ReneSmit reported it a couple of times while working on complex maps). Those changes are applied both for new lines created (I guess you reported it) and imported ones.

The copy and paste issue was found not only on touch devices but also in browsers (not sure if firefox), but it should work as expected now.

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I understand what you are saying, i get that electron was used for the desktop version. I can only go by the amount of memory Windows was reporting I was using on the PWA and the desktop versions. But the desktop is dead so no point discussing really

You only have 30 tabs open in Chrome? Your not trying hard enough LOL

This whole closing all tabs is that a thing people actually do? Would I not be better then to use Chrome for all my browing as I do now (with my way too many tabs open) but then use say Edge to run the PWA so it’s not fighting with other chrome tabs for memory? I would be interested in your and the devs thoughts if this would be better

I did also report some issues with borders not being centered, i’m pleased to see it now applies a center border upon import. But adding a border to new objects it does not appear to be centering them

I shall try going back to using it on my Android tablet again, was almost impossible without copy & paste



“design hobbyists and aspiring pros”

Now I can’t seriously put Gravit Designer/Corel Vector on my CV anymore :frowning: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

How to create tickets after the rebranding? At the Corel Support page?


I was thinking the same thing. Seems to have gone from a pro tool aiming to become an alternative to Illustrator to something for hobbyists

Would also like to know how to create support tickets now. The old link seems to just go to the generic Corel Vector page

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As input for the marketing department: That tagline doesn’t correspond neither to the pricing plan of 90 euro per year (regular price) IMHO


The support form is being re-worked but yes, it will be living in the CorelDraw support page. Let’s say that they are now cousins. - there’s the “Corel Vector” product option.

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I remember many years ago when Gravit got acquired by Corel I asked whether Gravit was going to get absorbed, and the answer was always no. There were already some striking similarities between it and a recently released Coreldraw web client. Sad to see such a great piece of software get gobbled up by another mega-corporation. Been a good run, time to move on to the next thing I guess. I heard Affinity was pretty good?


I bought it a while ago, but keep going back to Corel Vector because it’s so much more intuitive

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Do I need a new Account? It says no matching email+password while it works here in forum and desktop version. I´m confused.

Same credentials, new URL: - your desktop version is outdated.

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Cool - that works seamlessly. Been to the wrong place at first methinks.
(Wonder why “Unsplash” is available as they started to demand a fee for their API last year unlike Pexels for instant.)

To avoid this issue, we’re working on a “force redirect”. It seems that due to cache, the https link isn’t redirecting. The http works.

I don’t have details about unsplash but it was a highly demanded feature so it is back.

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