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Dear Gravit, can you just please add a magic wand / selection tool?

I know this has been brought up repeatedly. You guys are this close to being the end-all solution for so many of us web creators where being “full-stack” also means being the designer and creative side of our operation.

Your web-based (or as the cool kids say - SaaS) application has enabled to me to almost exclusively use a Chromebook while I launch a business - after 15 years of being a full-time software engineer.

This isn’t supposed to be a love-letter to Fireworks, because I want to break up with it for good. But out of everything out there (Affinity doesn’t do convert to path, Figma doesn’t do magic wand so I hear, many others are platform specific, GIMP just sucks, blah blah Inkscape, Sketch, Adobe’s twelve graphics programs all do something different, Photopea as a Fireworks replacement? God no…), Gravit is just so close. Your PWA is awesome, keyboard commands just work…I really love it. I’ve spent a lot of my engineer life developing PWA’s, and hats off to what you guys have done.


Vectorize image is awesome, but then you have to spend time cleaning it up, union/joining what you want together, etc. If I could pick and choose what I want, then delete it or convert it to its own vector path after selecting the shape, it would be amazing.

Hi @Josh,

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

You probably know about that but you can separate parts of your image by creating a clipping mask -

IMHO Gravit Designer is vector-based software, while this feature (magic wand) is a raster one (more like photoshop other than illustrator), so it would go a different direction.

But please, request it here: - who knows? :slight_smile:

Hi Josh

I too was in love with Fireworks since it’s first release in 1998! I spent many years trying most software that was released looking for a direct replacement for it. I tried Gravit Designer when it first released and came back to it 2 years ago and have been using it full time since then. GD is very good, yes it has some problems but it’s getting better all the time. No, it does not do everything that Fireworks could do, it’s vector software. But there is really no direct replacement for Fireworks.

There are a lot of choices for software to manipulate bitmaps, from free to very expensive. My advice is to get comfortable with one of them and use that to manipulate your bitmaps and get them into a format you can bring into GD. After all, if you use the best bitmap software you will be able to do more and not get frustrated with limitations, then come into the best Vector software, GD, and do the rest

Hope this helps

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@techiekev , I hear you on this. Yes I can have multiple different pieces of software open to arrive at the end solution. The issue with this of course is that you lose the amazingness of Gravit’s web/cloud freedom.

The other image manipulation software may or may not be web-based, and may or may not even be reliable. If it’s on your local machine, you then lose the brilliance of being platform-agnostic and also being in the cloud. Ex: if I use Gravit, then I can use it on a Chromebook. But if I then need something else to manipulate bitmaps, like Affinity Photo, I’m limited to Windows/Mac because it doesn’t install on ChromeOS.

So bottom line, Gravit’s amazing smoothness as a web-based product gets weighed down by being tied to dependencies on something else to do your bitmap manipulation. You lose the freedom that comes with SaaS and being in the cloud. I switch between multiple machines and setups so not having to reinstall and/or be tied to one platform is important to me, and honestly, using Fireworks and Local for Wordpress are the only reasons I’m stuck going back to Windows at the end of the day. But I get what you’re saying and it might be the only way to use Gravit exclusively…right now. They will fix it though.

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thanks for the awesome information.

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