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Double Imported Fonts Showing

I keep getting all of my imported fonts appearing twice

CV Imported fonts showing twice

There is no rhyme or reason as to when they appear as doubles, they just do then later I might check again and the doubles have vanished

This was happening with i010 PWA and has continued in i011 PWA using Chrome on Windows 10

Please try a restart. If it doesn’t work, is there any pattern? like OTF or ttf, or random?

I have had this happening for a few weeks now. Yes a restart clears it for the time being then it appears again at some point. I have not found anything that causes it to happen. i just go to use an imported font and suddenly there are two of each

They are mostly TTF but also some OTF as well

They work fine, its just annoying really. Of course as you only notice it when you go into imported fonts it could be happening a lot more than I realise. I will let you know if I find any way of making it happen to order

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