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Double Quit

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-macOS BigSur on M1 MacMini

  • Version 2021.1 Mac

Every time I end a session with cmd+Q the Window will close but leaves somehow the app open as the black dot in the Dock indicates. Activity Monitor still finds 3 open threads after quitting: Gravit Designer (60MB), Gravit Designer Helper (96MB) and a second Gravit Designer Helper (585MB). After quitting Gravit Designer from Dock the RAM is freed.

Thanks for the report @EllenM. I have alerted the devs about it.

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Thank you.

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There seems a new bug variant appearing with the latest update; cmd+Q just closes files and it seems GravitDesigner isn´t running anymore until you notice no other app allow cmd+Q for quitting. As described above Gravit runs in the background and is now hindering all other running apps from being quit via this short-cut. This is annoying. Took me some time to figure that one out.

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thanks for the awesome information.

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