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Draw a grid and then subtract an object's shape from grid

Hey there - can anyone tell me how to draw a grid as an object - ie a rectangular outline crossed by vertical and horizontal lines, which are attached to the outline path at their ends?

After that I need to be able ‘cut’ a ‘hole’ out of the grid.

In the attached screenshot, for example, the grid is currently made up of individual paths, and I need to turn it into an object. Then I need each arch to ‘cut’ a hole in the background grid.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Kate,

You can group (ctrl+g) all lines together and then use a clipping mask to mask them.

How to clip a hole into an object: [SOLVED] How to clip/cut a Transparent hole in an image

Thanks very much @Scofano . I had previously tried grouping the lines and then, with an ellipse on top, modify>create compound shape > subtract - but this deleted the grid entirely. I will try with a mask - cheers.

I guess part of this video can help you: [Tutorial] How to create a Retro Sunset

Just to confirm that this worked, but the outer edge of the mask must be larger than the group of paths that you are trying to ‘cut’ a hole into.

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