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Drop down menus are all black


I am on Arch Linux, Deepin desktop. AMD HD 5450 GPU with open source driver.

All the drop down menus in the app are rendered black.

Screen Shot

Every time I open a drop down menu, those errors are printed in the terminal:

[5778:0420/133433.730295:ERROR:gles2_cmd_decoder_autogen.h(143)] [.DisplayCompositor-0x78d817ff500]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_ENUM : glBindTexture: target was GL_FALSE
[5778:0420/133433.730460:ERROR:gles2_cmd_decoder_autogen.h(2916)] [.DisplayCompositor-0x78d817ff500]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_ENUM : glTexParameteri: target was GL_FALSE
[5778:0420/133433.730608:ERROR:gles2_cmd_decoder_autogen.h(2916)] [.DisplayCompositor-0x78d817ff500]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_ENUM : glTexParameteri: target was GL_FALSE
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Thanks. A ticket is filed for fixing.

Was about to post the same issue when I saw this report. I’m also on Arch Linux with a Radeon GPU and the open source driver. Same behavior (i.e. black drop down menus).

Is there any way to subscribe to and receive notifications on the ticket?

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You should get notification automatically. I got a notification when you replied on mail.

Yes, I received the email notification. Guess you just need to respond to the thread to get on the list.


You can add --disable-gpu to the launch command of the app.

Use alacarte to change that. It should look like this “/home/carlos/.appimages/GravitDesigner.AppImage” %U --disable-gpu

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I have found a similar issue :

So, maybe the runtime (nwjs or electron) has to be updated ?

I’m having the same issue with Gravit Designer. I’m using Elementary OS by the way.
Any updates regarding this issue?

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Working now, thanks :blush:

Sorry for this issue! We are still looking into this as this problem only shows on some of Linux distributions.

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Just to let you know 2 things. I do have the same issue on Fedora 24. And also to congratulate you because all your hard work to make this awesome software run in Linux. Thanks!!!

Hey there, if you couldn’t solve the issue you were having, elementaryOS keeps the .desktop entries under your home directory. All you need to do is use the solution provided before by geop0p3, but instead of Alacarte use the following steps.

EDIT: The following have been tested only on elementaryOS, if you try this solution on Ubuntu might just not work.

“You can add --disable-gpu to the launch command of the app.”

Step 1

Open the file "appimagekit-gravit-designer.desktop" with your text editor. That file is located inside "~/.local/share/applications/".

Step 2

Once you have that file open in your editor, you'll notice some properties are being defined there, you just need to change the Exec property to make it look like this:

Exec="/home/kenny/tmp/GravitDesigner.AppImage" %U --disable-gpu

Once you have edited the file, save the changes.

Step 3

Logout. When you log back in, the application launcher will pick up your changes.

I use elementaryOS as well :slight_smile:


Is there any further news on this issue, currently running ubuntu 17.04. I have tried the following steps suggested by KennyValdivia but does not seem to make any difference.


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Not sure if this will fix the problem, disabling the gpu probably will crash the web-gl effects.

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Thanks I’ve reset back to the original values as it didn’t work.
surprised this hasn’t been fixed yet as it’s really annoying

The problem is those drop-downs use the system style and not a custom css made by us, so is more a problem of the linux distribution itself with electron.

But we are trying to fix it asap.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply, it only seems to affect some drop downs and behaves differently on different PC’s.

Hope you can find a solution soon.

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Duncan, please read this thread:

Hi @everyone, we’ve been investigating this issue and it seems like that Electron (the framework we use to generate our apps) have problems with some GPU’s. If you are experiencing the issue, maybe installing proprietary drivers instead of open source drivers can fix it.

I’m using Ubuntu 17.04 with Arc-Dark theme.
I used the flag --disable-gpu but the menu’s background is still dark (or the font is still dark… depends on the point of view).
The menu is fine when I use the light theme… but after a while it’s not so good to the eyes…