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DXF or DWG Support

Gravit seems to be the perfect online tool for me, save for one glaring issue… it doesn’t seem to support .DXF files (making it impossible for me to directly import drawings that have first been exported from a CAD program like Solidworks or Onshape). This feature would set Gravit apart from the other Vector Editing cloud-based programs.

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Hey @MauriceWoods, welcome to our forum and thanks for your suggestion.

We heard the request for DXF import a couple of times before and may add it based on user demand in the future.


Please add it…

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Please add

Please add DXF and DWG import feature

The computer french program culd open DxF iles and export them in twice format desciption, Postscript and SVG witch are compatible wint Gravit Designer.

Le fameux Victory exporter en postscript et ouvert avec Gravit Designer.