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Effects Inner/outer Glow/Stroke not working

macOS BigSur/M1 Mac
GravitDesigner 2021i10Mac

Here´s how OuterGlow was working in version 2020. (latest from Mac App Store)
This version isn´t able to save anything anymore: not enough memory. (That´s a joke isn´t it?)

Works as expected on Windows desktop and PWA running on Windows, I know this does not really help you

The memory issues are a joke and becoming very tedious!

Those memory issues shouldn’t be happening on these latest versions (i8, i9, i10…).

Since the M1(and BIG SUR) has hit the market, we have adjusted many things in order to avoid that(memory issue). If I’m not mistaken, Effects need openGL or webGL. Maybe Big Sur changed something (just a guess).

But I’ll report that, so maybe it needs another look.

Thanks you both for the comments,