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Effects, Library, Texture Fill & Trim Canvas suggestions

I have spent quite a bit of time browsing the feature requests forum and voted on a number of them. These are just a few that for me would be a major improvement


The inner shadow & drop shadow effects are very good, I like how you have implemented them but I would love to see lots more effects added, they can save so much time and messing around to get the effects you want and take an illustration from boring to impressive

But for me, there are a couple of effects that are missing and really essential and I hope should not prove too difficult to add

Bevels - These are really essential for me
Both inner and outer bevels. Typically selecting from some drop-down lists for ‘Hard, Flat, Smooth’ then ‘Raised, Inset’ bevel

Embossed - Being able to select ‘Raised or Inset’ embossing

I know I can add dark and light inner shadows at the top right or bottom left of an object then play around with the X, Y, blur & opacity to get the effect I want but this is very time consuming when you need to add these effects to many items (yes I know I can copy them!) but it gets laborious doing it so often especially when you are used to just adding an effect, selecting how you want it from a couple of dropdowns and you’re done

How do others cope with doing this repeatedly? Is there an easy way I’m missing or have not thought of? Do you have a set of foolproof pre-applied inner shadows you repeatedly copy and paste to save time? Anyone want to share their ways to add effects or offer some samples?


The current Library feature is good and I will use it. However, I have a large library of my own and lots of components I use a lot with other designs. It would be wonderful and improve my workflow if these could be available in the library as well

An easy way to implement this would be if I was able to specify a local folder or a Gravit cloud folder of my own to be added to the library.

It would be perfect for keeping things organised if I was able to specify multiple folders or navigate the folder structure (inside the specified library folder) but this may be too much work. If necessary could just put all of my own library items in a single folder but it would eventually get quite unmanageable

As your pulling library items from online anyway, I suspect it might not be too hard to also populate some of it from a folder in my cloud or a local folder?

Fill / Texture Fill

This opens by default the folder last used, which is typically my work in progress folder where I’m saving and importing SVG’s from etc. I store all my textures in a library of folders elsewhere on my computer, so if this could remember a different last used folder it would save me changing to a different drive/folder structure every single time I wanted to add a texture fill then changing back to my working folder when I want to save or do something else

Once you have applied a texture fill It would also be really nice if you could see the filename used. If you go back to something later, it’s not easy to work out what texture you have used especially if you have a large number to choose from

Trim Canvas

If you set a margin and then trim the canvas, should the margin not be outside of all the objects?

Weird Effects / GD Issues

I am experiencing a couple of weird effects/issues with GD. Sometimes I will have multiple files open and when I switch to a different file some of the objects are not showing, they are there, I can see them on the layers but they don’t appear on the page.

If I try to select where they are they select and I get a bounding box but I can’t see them. Sometimes scrolling the page so they disappear then scrolling back, they re-appear. Sometimes switching app’s briefly and going back and they will re-appear. Sitting and waiting for them to appear does not seem to make any difference

The other problem is sometimes GD just seems to sit there, I have changed the properties on something and for a short time (10 to 30 seconds I would guess) nothing is happening, the pointer does not change, I can’t select or do anything else in GD. But I can swap to a different application and do things so it’s not my laptop hanging

There seems to be no consistency with these problems (yes I know the hardest things to fix!). It’s not with one particular file, it can be a small design or a large one.

I have checked Windows Task Manager. The ‘Power Usage’ column (CPU, Disk & GPU impact on power) will turn red & show ‘Very High’. Memory usage of GD does not seem particularly high. I do usually have multiple other applications open in the background

Are either of these known issues? Is there anything that I can do to reduce these issues?

I have to say I am really pleased with GD, it seems like a tremendous product

Cheers, Kevin

hi @techiekev,

I’ve forwarded your message to the responsible team. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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