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Effects Scope Icon Gone?

Anyone know what happened to the icon to set the scope of an effect in the PWA & web versions

It’s there in the desktop version

I´m a bit behind with 2020.1.2 but here it looks like so:

Same version as my Windows desktop version, but i also use the PWA version at times too and i’m just wondering why it’s gone, is it a mistake or has it been removed for a purpose?

There are other filters with the same adjustments - do they lost the properties as well?

As far as I can tell yes. I have yet to find that option on anything in the web or PWA version

I use this quite a bit and I was doing some stuff using the PWA version today (because its actually faster than the desktop version and less likely to crash when your working on something very complex). And i’m looking for the option and thinking i’m going crazy

Doesn´t make much sense to kill it while all filters have that properties where you can choose which element to apply it.

I agree, no sense at all

Well I just found it! It is NOW on a right click on the filter properties. Well that works but now you cant see from just looking at the inspector panel what an effect is being applied to

GUI sacrifice? Hopefully that´s just an temporary implementation. Daniel?

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Hey there, guys.

As @techiekev mentioned, the same controls are moved to the contextual menu. All should work as previously.

We’re changing a few things on the UI to get ready for the upcoming releases of Gravit Designer.

Those are necessary changes but we can consider to rollback in the future, along with other improvements in the effects UI.