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Embedding fonts in exported SVGs

I would like to know if it possible / planned to enable embedding of fonts into exported SVGs.
I noticed that the fonts are lost if I use web fonts and open an exported SVG in Inkscape.

For Gravit designs and web fonts, you can already export SVG with the “Export text as curves” option

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Thanks a lot !
I just used the SVG export directly through “File -> Export -> Scalable Vector Graphics” instead of using the mentioned dialog.

This dialog (and thus the font-embedding option) is not anymore available in the free version.
Is there a workaround to export vector graphics (e.g. to SVG) by including the fonts?

The only clumsy solution I see is to turn all texts to paths before exporting, but then later I won’t be able to edit the text again.

Unfortunately, turning text into paths is the right thing to do on this case, but you can keep hidden backups in case you need to edit the text in the future.

I see and I understand: you get what you pay for! :wink:
Thanks for the prompt reply!

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How to “turn text into paths” ? What is the process ?

Thank you

Select your text, then go Menu > Modify > Path > Convert to Path