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Eraser Tool / Magic Wand

A couple of must have item suggestions:
Any chance of a simple bitmap eraser tool + and a magic wand to find edges and delete sections of images etc?

Hi @scl

thanks for the suggestions but Gravit Designer is focused on Vector features, not Raster ones.
I’d say more like illustrator than Photoshop.

I understand your approach Scofano, but it is the case that you already have pretty good photo / bmp manipulation and photo effects already coded into the app. If you were to add the features I alluded to you would have more of a killer application and a true ‘Fireworks’ killer. It would sell like hot cakes to creative web devs!
Just something to keep in mind. Other users are also calling for these features - I am not alone. I really like Gravit, and want to adopt your app for me and my teams - but the lack of these features ultimately, will be show stoppers. So close!

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I agree. I"m looking for a Fireworks replacement and the magic wand and eraser are key for me. I was hoping to switch to Gravit but without those tools, it just doesn’t work as a solution for me. It’s got some cool features, just not what I was specifically looking for.

Totally agree Lauren - thanks for underlining this issue. There must be thousands of us out there who would pay good money to have a creative web tool like Fireworks again! Gravit is so close to cracking it ! But alas, no.

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