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Error Occurred. file could no be saved. Contact Support

Anyone else getting this error when trying to save a new design to Gravit Cloud?

Same error with PWA & desktop app on Windows 10 both version 2020.1-3-4

Is it still happening?

It seems to be resolved now. I was having this problem with various files and also unable to open files from the Gravit cloud, they would say loading then go to a blank drawing area

Sometimes it might open a file but then i would be unable to select anything and if I tried to scroll the drawing area the rulers would scroll but the document would stay where it was. Very weird! This was with the PWA and desktop versions on Windows

Now it’s working ok

Error still hapening with the standalone version on chrome os.

Boa tarde!! Está acontecendo comigo!! Os arquivos somente podem ser salvos no computador e não aparecem na nuvem. Além disso, quando tento exportar, abre uma caixa de salvamento e manda o arquivo para o paint. Usava normalmente até semana passada, mas, hoje estava assim!!

Noa falo muito Portuguese/brasiliano… for the others:

“Good afternoon!! It’s happening to me !! Files can only be saved on the computer and do not appear in the cloud. In addition, when I try to export, open a save box and send the file to paint. I used it normally until last week, but today it was like that !!”

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Is this your portuguese or google translator?
It is pretty good, btw. :slight_smile:

É o tradutor do Chrome

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google translate :slight_smile: I wish I could understand myself. Maybe Portuguese/Brazilian will be my next language… soooo much to learn in life


Qual a sua língua, ReneSmit??

He can’t speak portuguese.
You are just making him paste it to google translate. :rofl:

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Please translate your posts, Ricardo.

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Mother language Dutch…

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Para qual lingua, DScofano? Minha tradução é automatica do Google Chrome. As respostas chegam já traduzidas pra mim. Minhas configurações já fazem isso automaticamente.

Your posts should be in English.
You are posting everything in portuguese here.
Ppl can’t understand you. :man_shrugging:t2:

Entendo, mas, ele tem o recurso de traduzir no navegador, da mesma forma que eu faço aqui, basta ele configurar a tradução automatica. Podem falar em Chinês, que vai aparecer em Portugues aqui.

But would you be kind and post in English so all the other users can understand? Not everyone can use the automatic translate plugin you are using.


Still happening December 10, 2020 9:07a.m. in Tokyo. Been struggling with it for a couple of days now.

please check this: [Solved] Workaround - Unable to export as JPG on Chromebook