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Error when saving to cloud

In the last few days, I have been getting a different error message when trying to save a document to the cloud, this is only happening occasionally. Are other people seeing this error or is it just me?

This is different to errors I have seen before and it happened twice so far today and 3 times yesterday

Hi @techiekev,

not reported by anyone else so far.


Thanks, well it’s happened twice again since I reported it

Is it happening with a single file or different files as well?

On different files. And if I try to save it to the cloud right after sometimes it saves, sometimes I get the message repeated

And this has started to happen again, a few times yesterday but today I just had to try to save a file 8 times before it eventually saved

I checked my internet connection during these problems, I’m online at a high speed

Using i011 PWA with Chrome on Windows 10

I’m sorry about that.
Forwarded to the dev team for investigation. Thanks for reporting.

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