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Expand/shrink curves aren't smooth

Hi there
I’m using the expand/shrink function to create a slightly bigger outline of my shape. In both the desktop and the web version (Chrome) long curves aren’t working well:

I’m working with very large objects as I’m creating fabric patterns - the widest object in the screenshot is 73cm - and I wonder whether that could be causing this issue? Shame if so. I need the larger outline to be a specific number of points bigger than the inner, so unfortunately can’t use scale as a workaround, but maybe there’s another way?

Hi @Kate,

Try to change your border position:

Thanks Scofano - I re-drew the curve manually but if it happens again I’ll try that and report back.
In the meantime I’m having problems exporting a PDF - some elements are not being read by Acrobat Reader - so I will search the forum and then maybe start a new thread!

Hi Kate.
Not sure if this will help, because the page layout is in mm while the path thickness is still in pixel, which means some use of maths to get the offset right. In essence I’d use a thickened path converted to an outline to generate the offset which includes a conversion to outline, boolean add and outline again to separate the 2 outline paths again… not 100% sure about the terms as I’m on a localized version of GravitDesigner.

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